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We typically handle business litigation or contractual disputes. We handle many things, but that is our firm’s strong suit as incorporates negotiations, contract law and issues, with businesses and the realities of the real world..

Does Litigation Always Lead To A Case Having To Go And Be Settled At Trial Or Could A Case Still Be Settled At Any Point?

A case can always be settled, and courts prefer it that way for many legitimate reasons. Litigation rarely goes all the way to trial and it is a very small percentage of filed cases that actually get to a jury or bench verdict

What Are Some Of The Telltale Factors That You Should Litigate A Case Versus Go Through Mediation Or Arbitration?

I would say that one of the telltale factors when faced with the choice of either litigating or seeking a mediation or arbitration resolution is the behavior or determination of the opposing party. Sometimes when you’re dealing with a very determined party they may not be looking at things realistically. Mediation or arbitration can sometime help with dealing with an unrealistic party, but at other times it may be fruitless. Litigating a case may be in your best interest if you think your case is strong enough that mediation or arbitration might weaken your position. For example, let’s say you have a large contract, and you just went completely unpaid. The other party is trying to mediate or arbitrate and maybe trying reduce the damages. If you feel like it’s straightforward enough, it may be in your best interest to pursue litigation. Perhaps they’ll eventually come around and want to give you a substantial settlement, or you keep going through the process until you feel you’re at a place that’s best suited for your interests.

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