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Not only can a well-drafted contract help you create a business plan and keep operations running smoothly, but it can also provide legal backup should an incident occur with a vendor, a partner, or a third-party.

At the Fredrickson Law Firm, we offer expert, solution-driven guidance on a wide range of contracts for business-related transactions, from simple agreements (such as how and when payment will occur) to complex arrangements aimed at avoiding costly litigation. Whether you want to outline a growing business relationship or create something more nuanced in a niche area, our expert contract lawyer can help you oversee, draft, review, edit, implement, and enforce your contract.

Our team at the Fredrickson Law Firm offers:

  • Proficient negotiation skills – Attorney Andrew Fredrickson gained extensive negotiation experience while working on behalf of large corporate television and movie production studios. Our attorneys are skilled in producing terms that work for both parties during the contract review process. Too often, lawyers lose sight of their client’s goals for the agreement and end up killing the deal at the negotiation table. At the Fredrickson Law Firm, we keep your goals at the forefront of our work and then strive to produce a commercially viable framework that will allow you to accomplish those goals.
  • A comprehensive review of agreements – The best way to avoid a business dispute in the future is through a legally binding and enforceable contract that’s been reviewed by an experienced attorney. We are well-versed in the areas of business, law, statutes, and regulations so that we can consider a contract’s terms from every possible angle. We appraise each document to ensure the agreement accurately reflects our client’s objectives and avoids any vulnerabilities or legal blind spots that could negatively impact our client’s best interests.
  • Client protections – We work to maximize a contract’s ability to protect our clients by embedding disclaimers, liability shifting, insurance coverage, limits and terms, and stipulations. We lay out all terms and conditions in succinct, clear, and detailed language. If there’s a term the client feels strongly about, we ensure it is appropriately memorialized in the writing.
  • Contract dispute resolution – If questions or disputes arise involving an existing agreement, our firm can advise businesses and individuals on taking the next legally appropriate actions. With the knowledgeable counsel of our contract disputes attorney, you can take proactive steps to prevent a breach of contract from either side or mitigate the damage and avoid further legal action.
  • Representation in contract litigation – When a partner, distributor, vendor, or third-party acts unlawfully, violates the terms of your contract, or fails to perform their duty as outlined in your legally enforceable contract, further legal action—including litigation for breach of contract—may be necessary. Our Florida breach of contract attorney has extensive experience representing clients in and out of the courtrooms of Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Straightforward and Accessible Solutions for All Contract Matters

At the Fredrickson Law Firm, we’re dedicated to providing simple, informed, and personal representation for every client throughout the entire contract creation or dispute resolution process. Our thorough understanding of the law combined with our business experience allows us to solve unique problems with practical solutions for even the most complex matters. Furthermore, we prioritize keeping you apprised of how each and every decision you make will impact your financial future.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a multinational corporation, the Fredrickson Law Firm can create a bespoke solution for you.

Contact us for a personalized consultation regarding your contract matter in Tallahassee, FL. Let us figure out what your next best steps are through our efficient, cost-effective strategies. The sooner you have a plan of action for resolving your issues or achieving your goals, the better your chances of getting the results you want.

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