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When transactional law goes wrong, businesses risk higher costs, heavy financial loss, missed business opportunities, and even expensive litigation. For that reason, a knowledgeable business transactional lawyer should be consulted any time large sums of money or services are exchanged to anticipate legal issues and minimize the kind of potential disputes that often develop after deals, negotiations, and agreements.

The Fredrickson Law Firm has extensive experience handling contracts, negotiations, and business transactions here in Tallahassee, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our clients rely on us for our personalized and practical approach to their everyday business needs, as well as our frequent direct contact. We prioritize keeping clients fully informed and involved in their legal representation so that they can have confidence in their decision-making.

Whether you need ongoing counsel or guidance on a transaction-by-transaction basis, see what tailor-made solutions the Fredrickson Law Firm can craft for you to meet your business objectives.

Our Areas of Expertise in Transactional Law

At the Fredrickson Law Firm, we have experience handling the following:

  • Business structuring – We can advise you on the structure and operation of your business entity and then prepare any necessary internal agreements to govern the everyday operations of the business and the relationships between concerned parties.
  • Business contracts – We can assist you in negotiating agreements and legally enforceable contracts with suppliers, distributors, sales representatives, and customers.
  • Restructuring of business operations – We strive to help our clients minimize risk and streamline operations. If you’re looking for more economic, cost-effective solutions that increase your protection from liability, we can customize a restructuring plan that works for your unique situation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – From beginning to end, we can assist you through a purchase, sale, or merger to help you achieve your goals. Our priority is to ensure clients understand all of the terms of the deal and the potential impact on their company.
  • General counsel – Our expert corporate and transactional lawyer can work in direct contact with your management team to offer legal advice and services regarding matters such as corporate governance, contract negotiation, employment-related issues, business policy, compliance, intellectual property, and finance. Our background in business gives us the advantage of understanding your operations and objectives from an insider standpoint.

Comprehensive Strategies and Support for Your Business Transactions

At the Fredrickson Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to offering businesses simple, informed, and customized advice on decisions ranging from daily operations to major restructures. Our thorough understanding of transactional law combined with our business experience allows us to solve unique problems with practical solutions.

We prioritize working collaboratively with each client toward achieving the future success and growth of their business interests, whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or a multinational corporation. When you have a dedicated Florida commercial transaction lawyer keeping you apprised and supporting your goals, you can make decisions on even the most complex of matters with confidence.

See what bespoke strategies our team at the Fredrickson Law Firm can craft for you.

Contact us for a personalized consultation regarding your business transactional matters in Tallahassee, FL. Let us figure out what your next best steps are through our efficient, cost-effective strategies. The sooner you have a plan of action for resolving your issues or achieving your goals, the better your chances of getting the results you want.

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