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I am commonly hired for negotiations when parties find themselves in some type of dispute or disagreement. My clients often come to me when they find themselves on the wrong side of the agreement or if another party is making claims that they need refuting. These are typical in today’s world of day-to-day business, and they’re not always avoidable. Since litigation is so costly, many clients will come to me trying to find a reasonable resolution that will keep them out of court. I always try my best to find the most reasonable and economical resolution for my clients.

We’re also commonly hired to negotiate agreements. Shareholder agreements, purchase contracts, commercial real estate transactions, and many more situations requiring professional negotiation as we’re equipped to handle a wide variety of matters. We have a broad understanding of negotiation skills that go into individual agreements, specific segments of industries, and universal knowledge of negotiating and contracting.

We’ve successfully handled disputes between suppliers and contractors, landlords and tenants, sellers and buyers, and many more. We are very capable of negotiating people out of agreements as well.

What Would You Say Is The Best Skillset And Reputation An Attorney Should Have Who Is Hired On To Negotiate Business Dealings?

Any good negotiator should always be adequately prepared. You want to understand who’s involved and understand the business and industry you’re working within. Many industry segments have different terminology, needs, and expectations. I believe a good negotiator will have a calm and collected skill set. Someone who screams and pushes their way through negotiation, in my experience, will not typically benefit their client and often can put them in a worse position. A good negotiator will be seasoned and handle any personality they will come across and be ready for any surprises thrown at them.

Is An Attorney Who Is A Good Litigator Typically Going To Be A Good Negotiator In Your Experience?

At our firm, we handle both litigation and negotiations. Whether it’s trying to settle a matter before litigation, during litigation, or preemptively having a solid agreement negotiated to avoid litigation, we handle all it all. On the other hand, litigation lends itself to be a little more adversarial and technical and might not always be the proper negotiation forum. You can be kind, calm, cool, collected, and still be a fantastic negotiator. I believe the two roles can cross over, but they might run into issues if someone has a very aggressive and adversarial style.

Should We Always Hire A “Bulldog Attorney” For Our Business Negotiation?

Sometimes, people think that they will get more from an aggressive or a bulldog-type attorney or a negotiator. While you should always advocate, it doesn’t mean that you have to be the loudest in the room or most boisterous in the room. Good negotiations, to me, come down to preparation and planning.

What Is Your Style Or Method Of Business Negotiation?

My style of business negotiation is:

  1. Proper preparation and planning.
  2. Remaining calm, cool, collected, and professional.
  3. Understanding that sometimes you have to give something to get something having realistic expectations

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Andrew Fredrickson

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