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Customized Solutions for Your Legal Issues

Dealing with legal issues can feel daunting and bring unwanted stress into your life. Whether you own and operate a small or large business, you need the expertise of a business law firm on your side to help you enter agreements, make transactions, and increase your profits and longevity.

With a dedicated small practice assisting you, legal issues can be handled efficiently with customized solutions designed to meet your needs. At The Fredrickson Law Firm, we pride ourselves on delivering successful results through our personal representation of each client every step of the way.

Attorney Andrew Fredrickson has a strong foundation in not only the law, but also in business, including extensive experience in contract negotiation. Whether you need help protecting your business interests or are managing your assets through a will or trust, the legal team at The Fredrickson Law Firm has the knowledge and resources needed to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Protect what matters most to you and your business right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Contracts and Contract Negotiations

If you’re a business owner in need of framework for a legally binding agreement that protects your best interests, it’s important to hire a contract lawyer who understands your area of business, any applicable legal statutes, and the regulations that govern your industry. All business contracts should be well-written in concise language by a legal professional who understands the complexities of business law in order to prevent future disputes and reach agreeable terms for all parties involved. No matter the scope or purpose of a contract, your business is best served by an attorney who has experience overseeing, drafting, and reviewing whatever type of agreement you need to keep your business functioning as you intend.

If you’re still coming to an agreement on the terms, our contract negotiation attorney Andrew Fredrickson has represented clients through every facet of business negotiation. He’s trained to detect common and even uncommon legal blind spots hidden inside contract terms that could negatively impact your affairs and interests.

By prioritizing what you hope to accomplish through the agreement and then customizing his strategies accordingly, he ensures that all negotiation leads to a legally enforceable document with suitable terms aimed at maximizing your rewards and minimizing your risks. Through our tailored support, every second spent at the negotiation table is an opportunity to add value to your company.

Business Transactions

Most transactions between two or more parties carry legal weight. Any exchange of services, especially when large sums of money are involved, should be undertaken with the guidance of an experienced transactional law attorney to anticipate and minimize potential issues or disputes. Without a lawyer, companies risk higher costs, financial loss, and wasted business opportunities with each and every transaction.

At The Fredrickson Law Firm, we look for creative yet practical solutions to the everyday needs of your business, whether you need ongoing general counsel services or support on a transaction-by-transaction basis. With a dedicated transactional law attorney to guide you through your business decisions, you can expect a high degree of personal attention and direct contact with your lawyer, Andrew Fredrickson. Our goal is to mitigate issues and disputes before costly and time-wasting litigation can be pursued.

Document Review

If you have a document that was drafted by someone unfamiliar with the law, it’s important to seek a skilled document review attorney to appraise the document and ensure the agreed upon terms accurately reflect your business’s objectives. The framework of many contracts contains holes that can make your business vulnerable to outside interests. For that reason, our team at The Fredrickson Law Firm performs a comprehensive review of all agreements and legal advisement to ensure full legal protection of your assets.

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The Fredrickson Law Firm – Driven by Results

When it comes to securing the interests of your business, you should start by selecting a team of professionals who understand your unique goals and priorities. At The Fredrickson Law Firm, we’re driven to produce successful results for your company through exceptional legal counsel and personalized representation. We appreciate that each decision you make can have a profound effect on both the short- and long-term health of your business here in Jacksonville, FL. For that reason, we strive to increase your confidence in your decision-making through our strategic, proactive solutions.

Whether you’re drafting a contract, creating a trust to protect your assets, or considering an acquisition, our legal guidance is geared to help your company grow and evolve. You can rely on our years of experience in the legal and business world to assist you with even the most complex matters. We mix practicality and creativity with years of business acumen so you can focus on what matters most.

If you want peace of mind when it comes to your legal representation, you need a law firm that can provide you with personalized attention and accessibility right here in Jacksonville, Florida. Let The Fredrickson Law Firm help you discover what your next best steps are to secure you the results you want. Contact us today for your consultation.

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